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The ACQJ co-publishes its stories with media outlets around Albania so that they reach as many people as possible. Our work has appeared in most major Albanian online portals and broadcaster.
We have produced more than 50 investigations and primetime television news packages. Our work is also frequently cited by lawyers, academics and policy makers.
We work with a wide variety of sources and collaborators. These include whistleblowers, other journalists, campaigners, politicians, NGOs, lawyers, members of the public, government departments, corporations and regulators. We recognise that many of these sources will have an agenda, and we use rigorous journalistic methods to ensure the information and evidence we are given is correct. We pursue our journalism without political agenda or influence. We corroborate and scrutinise all documents, data and general information we are given. Where we have information that is not in the public domain, we insist on checking its veracity with a second source.
There are exceptional circumstances when this is not possible and in these cases we will state that we have only a single source and explain why we think it is valid to publish the information. We have a thorough and transparent right to reply process.
We want other people and organisations to make use of our work and work with us, and we’ll do everything we can to help them do so. All we ask is that we are credited. We work with other journalists and media partners to help distribute our work. We publish our data and documents when possible so others can use them. We sometimes also provide raw data or evidence to campaigners, NGOs, lobbyists, members of parliament, lawyers and many other interested parties to use in their work. We do this because we believe journalism can help shape our world and is a true force for good, but we understand that we only spark change. It is not our role to make change
Unless otherwise stated our articles and graphics can be republished without charge under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0. This allows you to copy, distribute and transmit our work for non-commercial purposes. It does not allow you to alter, transform or build on our work without prior consent.
If you want to be a media partner and work with us and co-publish on the day we launch a story, there are a number of things we ask. We have good contacts at most broadcasters and publishers but if you haven’t worked with us before get in touch in advance and have a chat.
Email our Investigations Editor Office at info@acqj.al.

Sometimes we do almost all the work and provide virtually a finished product and sometimes our media partners share the effort involved in the investigation. We are very flexible. In any event these are the rules that we work under:

  • The ACQJ must be prominently credited early in the coverage
  • In partner’s online publication, the ACQJ credit must link to our version of the story
  • The ACQJ must see media partner’s final copy in advance
  • The ACQJ and partner must agree when the story is being published
  • The ACQJ reporter/s must be bylined
  • The ACQJ and media partner must share any right to reply responses

Non-media partners wishing to use our work under the Creative Commons license should bear in

  • If republishing online please link to us and include all of the links from our story
  • Our material cannot be sold separately
  • If quoting from our research the ACQJ must be credited
  • We also collaborate with NGOs in a variety of ways. For more information, contact info@acqj.al


Qendra Shqiptare për Gazetari Cilësore
Rruga Pjetër Budi, 69


Telefon: +355 (0) 6 8856 3686
Email: info@acqj.al

Investigative Network Albania

Teksti zyrtar është versioni në shqip i faqes së internetit. Kjo faqe përdor përkthim automatik përmes mjeteve të inteligjencës artificiale. Pavarësisht se ky përkthim është i një cilësie të lartë, rastis që të ketë dhe gabime dhe keqkuptime në kontekstin e produkteve. Duke qenë se është një teknologji e cila përmirësohet me kalimin e kohës, shpresojmë të qendroni me ne ndërkohë që perfeksionojmë këtë shërbim.

Copyright © 2024 Giljana Limani.  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2024 Giljana Limani.  All Rights Reserved.