The ACQJ Production Support Team offers an in-house media production service in which our team produce professional quality audio-visual material for news, broadcast, documentaries and multimedia products. We give full support and guidance in planning your project in which to help you develop and visualize the final piece.

Our team can record within our studio facility and also on location, domestically and regionally.

The ACQJ Production Support Team offers bookable edit timetables that can be requested to produce your own media project using audio-visual materials you have captured. The edit suites are equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud (Premier Pro) and training in this is offered.

Bringing foreign crew members in Albania can prove costly since local talent is available at affordable rates. Our team is a one-stop-shop for any film or documentary maker interested in shooting in Albania. Putting together a film crew is something we are ready to help you with.

Our network of contacts includes:

  • Production staff such as cameramen, sound assistants, photographers, film fixers – basically any staff needed for filming in Albania;
  • Actors and local talent;
  • Film equipment providers;
  • Studios and theaters that can help with props;
  • Location managers.

We also offer training workshops to groups or individuals which will provide you will skills needed to complete your project.

Areas of expertise:

  • Investigative Journalism;
  • Multimedia production;
  • Data driven journalism;
  • Mobile Journalism;
  • Fact Checking;
  • Media Literacy;
  • Audio/Video production.

Contact us:

Submit a service request at:

Call us at:  +355688563686

Visit us at: Rruga Pjetër Budi 69, Tirana, Albania

Qendra Shqiptare për Gazetari Cilësore
Rruga Pjetër Budi, 69


Telefon: +355 (0) 6 8856 3686

Investigative Network Albania

Teksti zyrtar është versioni në shqip i faqes së internetit. Kjo faqe përdor përkthim automatik përmes mjeteve të inteligjencës artificiale. Pavarësisht se ky përkthim është i një cilësie të lartë, rastis që të ketë dhe gabime dhe keqkuptime në kontekstin e produkteve. Duke qenë se është një teknologji e cila përmirësohet me kalimin e kohës, shpresojmë të qendroni me ne ndërkohë që perfeksionojmë këtë shërbim.

Copyright © 2024 Giljana Limani.  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2024 Giljana Limani.  All Rights Reserved.